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Flamingo 1

for La escuelita san marcos! 


Send a flock of pink darlings to your neighbor's yard!  Prank a friend or send a back-to-school gift, it's your choice!

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Purchase Anti-Flocking Insurance to guarantee that no flock of flamigos will roost on your lawn.


Prevent your friends from pranking you!


HELP! I've been flocked and I need these birds  to fly away! 

Call Suzanne Davis at (828) 738-6723 or tap the button on mobile.

Image by Vicko Mozara

Thank you - You rock!

thank you for supporting our bilingual preschool!

Do you have any questions? Call the herder, Suzanne Davis, at (828) 738-6723! 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How long will the flamingos flock on a yard?

A: No more than 2 or 3 days.  If you need the flock to migrate fast, a donation to La Escuelita will get the herder's attention.  Please contact Suzanne Davis 828-738-6723.

Q: What will the funds raised support? 

A:  The funds raised will go to pay the operating expenses of La Escuelita.  The tuition is by design less than our operating costs to make it affordable to a wider range of families. 

Q: Is my donation tax deductible?

A: Yes! Our fiscal sponsorship, Children and Family Services, has 501(c)3 status. Learn more about donations at


Q: Why flamingos?

A: With COVID-19 restrictions, it is hard to show affection for our friends.  A flock of flamingos that appears in your yard for a while is a fun way show your friends that you care about them!


Q: Can the flock migrate anywhere?

A: The flock cannot migrate to apartment complexes, public property or behind locked gates.


Q: This seems fun, but I really don’t want a flock to arrive in my yard.  I have been playing a lot of pranks on my friends and I am concerned that many of them will get me back with flamingos.  How do I stop them from flocking me?

A: You are in luck.  We have thought of that.  Simply buy Anti-flock insurance and your friends will have to find another way to get you back!


Q: How can I help with this fundraiser?

A: Contact Suzanne Davis. 828-738-6723.

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